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Downtown at Burj Dubai $5500 per Month(s)
Dalia, 39 yrs old, Female, Professional, Non Smoker
Decent female professional required to share with me my flat from 9th May till 10th Sep very nice cozy flat in old town - downtown dubai where all cafes, restaurants, gym, spinneys, mall, Burj .. all... see more
Business Bay $300 per Month(s)
amer, 30 yrs old, Male, Others
currently searching for a room or bed space in BUSINESS BAY Dubai OR ANY OTHER PLACE NEAR BUSINESS BAY ... see more
Kadiköy $400 per Month(s)
VOLNA, 28 yrs old, Male, Professional, Smoker
Hi everyone, I am looking for a flatmate from a different country to share experience,culture and joy. I expect from the candidate to be clean, responsible and thoughtful ,honest person. the fl... see more

24 yrs old, Male, Professional
Dear Sir,Madam i am form pakistan and use to visit turkey for my regular trip, so i need room for two weeks after every two monhs, so if you have avilability then please email me, Thank you ... see more
Well furnished room in a good area in maadi. I'm an advertising photographer. I'm currently living in Mohandseen. I'm 27 years old, non-smoker. ... see more

25 yrs old, Female, Student
I would like a room in Kadikoy, Istanbul. I would like a female roommate none smoker, who has a clean and well organized apartment. I am from Peru, raised in the United Sates, and currently living... see more
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